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 Jean Ahn is an award-winning

film producer and

a visual development artist.

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About Me

     Jean studied video/animation at Keimyung University in South Korea and continued her education at Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California in the United States. She dove into a 2D character animation major and discovered her passion for visual development through her layout design class and character design class. Then, while completing her thesis project, she was able to find joy in supporting her fellow artists to develop their projects by providing visual references and constructive feedback.

     Her newly discovered passion led her to take the role of a production assistant for StudioX decade of honing skills as an animator allowed her to deeply understand the challenges that artists undergo during productions. She also gained a ton of knowledge on an animated film pipeline and the ways to optimize workflows for better efficiency. Ever since then, she has been working as a producer at film studios; her responsibilities range from screenwriting, producing concept arts, storyboarding, and managing schedules/pipelines, to research & development.

     Currently, Jean is working as a content creator and an artist, talking and sharing her experiences of depression, self-growth, mental health, and the importance of self-awareness.

     She is always looking for exciting projects and eager to collaborate as a team player. Hopefully somewhere urban, near water and parks, with her furry companion, Ori the cat.

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