Jean Ahn is an award-winning

film producer and

a visual development artist.

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About Me

 After earning her Bachelor’s degree in Video/Animation at Keimyung University in South Korea, Jean continued her studies at Academy of Art University in San Francisco where she studied 2D Character Animation and Visual Development as Master’s. 

 Near the end of her Master’s, she became interested in production management and began working as a production assistant on projects including Gyronaut and Coyote’s Place at Studio X.
 During her studio work, she used Shotgun Studio to manage the projects, technical terms of Maya and Nuke to make sure all the artist crews and the clients were on the same page and she gained lots of studio experience through this.
But most of all, she learned the importance of communication and teamwork.
As a result, the two recent short films that she worked on as a producer, Jack and Anna, and The Ribbon are winning and being nominated in over dozens of film festivals.
 With her 2D animation background and interest in films and arts since she was a kid, Jean loves to help other artists to develop their works by discussing artworks, using references that they’re familiar with to understand better. Watching those artists grow, learn more with better skills make proud of herself.

Supporting people and the strong responsibility is in her nature and both skillsets help her as a producer in the communication between clients or the lead artist and the art crews.
 Although her main studio experiences are either live-action or 2d/3d animated films, she is a huge fan of video games (especially indie games!) and open to learning new fields she is not familiar with.

 Jean is currently back in South Korea with her furry companion, Ori the cat, having some family time, and gaining work experiences in her home country.
Her near-future goal is to go back to the USA and work for her dream.