Jean Ahn is an award-winning

film producer and

a visual development artist.

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About Me

     Jean studied video/animation at Keimyung University in South Korea and continued her education at Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California in the United States. She started her MFA course in a 2d character animation major but she later discovered her interest in visual development through her layout design class and character design class so she followed her passion.
     At the end of the last semester of studying visual development, while she was working on her original thesis project, she realized how much she loves helping and supporting her fellow classmates to develop their projects by sharing visual references and discussions.
     Eventually, her passion and dedication to work on artistic projects lead her to join AAU StudioX as a production assistant. From an artist to a producer was a huge step in her life but as she studied animation for over 10 years helped her to understand animated film pipeline, workflows, or even obstacles that artists could experience.
After graduation, she worked as a producer in film studios and her job includes writing scripts, drawing concept arts, storyboarding, managing schedules/pipelines, and R&D. 

     Jean is currently back in South Korea with her furry companion, Ori the cat, having some family time and working as a lecturer, teaching animation classes in the university. Her detail-oriented skill and strong responsibility let her students trust her and she is helping them to reach their artistic goals while she is on her break.

     She is looking for more production experiences, working in a team in film studios in the near future as that is her core passion and ultimate motivation.